Posted on Mar 8, 2021

Theft Prevention System by Fresh USA, Inc.

Theft Prevention System for Hotel. We certainly have developed our own anti-theft system for hotels. It is a very simple system that we send worldwide. Our system protects against theft and can make a quick inventory at each hotel. The anti-theft system consists of a reader antenna, an alarm along with a computer application. Hotel anti-theft system can be installed on any exits, including hidden. It is no secret that some thefts are committed by hotel staff. Anti-theft chips, tags and stickers can be embedded in any devices and objects belonging to the hotel. Our application will record every event in the hotel's computer and store in the event log. Top Anti Theft Security System Secrets. Hotels have embedded tiny tracking devices into the towels. Now anti-theft system for towels tracks all the goods that anyone can steal from hotels. The hotel luxury items and robes are very fluffy and make the customer feel comfortable and comfortable. Some clients often wish to steal them, and most of those actually do steal. Towels are the most stolen item from your hotels, but now hotels will be able to tell that which client have taken the hotel property and can even track the guest. The hotels pay thanks to the small sized tracking device which is often embedded into towels, bedsheets, pillows or robes. The primary goal of the tracking device was that hotels can keep track and can count the number of the linens which are going to the laundry and coming back....
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